Digital Marketing News Weekly Roundup

Obama on RedditObama breaks Reddit, Samsung triumphs over Apple, Facebook EdgeRank Pro Tips, U.S. Open for Nerds, Salespeople Stalk on LinkedIn.

Digital Culture & Communities
President Obama
holds live Q&A with Reddit community via “Ask Me Anything (AMA),” breaking records and crashing the site temporarily. Get the stats from Reddit > or Read the story on CNET >

Digital Platforms & Devices
After $1 billion ruling against Samsung in the U.S., a Japanese court rejects Apple’s patent claim over iPad and iPhone designs. Read the New York Times story >

Digital Creative, Content & Relevancy
Boost your Facebook Edgerank (the news feed relevancy algorithm) through photos, albums, more text, out of network promotion and post targeting. Read the article on Mashable >

IBM U.S. Open iPad App

Digital Analytics & Apps
gives U.S. Open tennis fans the whole enchilada of data, partners with United States Tennis Association (USTA) to deliver cross-device stats and tweets. Read the ZDNet article >

Digital Media & Sales
Emerging social media channels (heh, are they really emerging anymore?) are changing the way digital salespeople peddle their wares. Read the iMedia Connection blog post >

The Hair Flip Reborn

The Little Mermaid Hairflip

From the Underbelly
Life expectancy of memes and digital trends can vary significantly, from days to weeks, months to years. Think the difference between a political gaffe making a week-long run in meme form on social networks vs. the everlasting Rickroll.  The recent rise of Unimpressed McKayla Maroney vs. the long-standing Socially Awkward Penguin.

Over the past few days, a game of one-upmanship has surfaced, likely to make its way to a Facebook stream near you: The hair flip.

While this isn’t exactly a new trend (Google hairflip images), Reddit users have been posting photos of (mostly) women flipping their hair, spraying water in an arc. This is likely in reference to the grand matriarch of hairflipping, the little mermaid Ariel.

Users will one-up one another by posting photos, then adding comments like “I see your three-woman salute, and raise you this epic hairflip.” Check out the latest crop:

Hairflipping trend

While it might be a stretch for digital & social marketing, think of it this way: Commercial and entertaining content we produce has the potential to take on a life of its own. Read my previous post on digital content “ownership.” While I doubt Disney could have predicted the impact of its movie on digital culture, the iconic scene lives on, now evolved and expressed for upvotes and Reddit karma 20 years later.

Read the original thread on >

Creed Green Screen Test

From the Underbelly
Love or hate Creed, one must admit: the bastardization of Scott Stapp’s “Six Feet from the Edge” proves rather mesmerizing. This little gem jumped (organically) more than 20,000 views in less than 10 hours.

Courtesy of Reddit.