Stride Gum Launches Mintacular, Now with Long-Lasting Apple Flavor

Mintacular GumStride gum, the brand synonymous with… Erhm… Are they really synonymous with anything in particular? …Stride gum recently launched a satirical campaign, parodying Apple’s iconic approach to advertising. The mockumentary, featuring Olympic gold medalist Sean White, is both hilarious and delicious.

My Take
With Christopher Guest-like charm and nuance, the Mintacular campaign manages to both revere and poke fun at Apple’s almost religious approach to its products and marketing. Better yet, it portrays itself as fun, dry, sarcastic, witty and scrappy. And, for me, that works. If only it were gluten free.

In the hands of digital marketers, Parody and Satire can be tools to rewire consumer thinking and jumpstart brand conversations. See another brand’s fuel tank topped off with high awareness, opinion or consideration? Parody can help you siphon shamelessly.

Read how Stride pre-launched the campaign, and its future plans in The New York Times article >;