The Safety Jay: Uncle’s Dance Brightens Your Day.

“Every time we leave from visiting Misty’s family, her brother, Jay, walk us out to our car and performs an entertaining dance to whatever music we have playing in the car. We started recording these dances and have compiled them into dance video to play for our child. Every time she sees this video she can’t help laughing, smiling, and dancing. You can tell she loves her Uncle ‘Jay Jay.'”

From the Underbelly
Currently view-capped on YouTube with 303 views, don’t be surprised when you see Uncle “Jay Jay” on Facebook news feeds in the near future. I rather enjoyed watching the lady gawk in the background. Check out the Reddit discussion >

On a side note, I also won’t be surprised when the RIAA petitions YouTube to pull the video for copyrighted music distribution. Gah.

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