Digital Marketing News Weekly Roundup

#Hashtag Hijacking, Facebook Weeds out Fake Likes, Addressable TV Ads Finally a Reality, Self Checkout with iPhones at Wal-Mart, Famous Cats in Cubes, Cosplayers go-kart Mario style, Valve Confirms Hardware Play, Is this the iPhone 5?

Cosplay Mario Redditors take to the go-kart tracks of TokyoDigital Culture & Communities
Cosplay Redditors take to a Tokyo go-kart track costumed as Mario Kart characters. See the photo album >

After revenue growth slowed, and its stock price fell sharply, Zynga bets the farm on Farmville 2. Read the Washington Post Article >

Obama and Romney’s promoted Twitter tweets backfiring via #hashtag hijacking? A decent chunk of the responses to each promoted trend have been exactly the opposite of what the buyers wanted. Read about it on Mashable >

Digital Platforms & Devices
Wal-Mart is testing a system that would allow shoppers to scan items using their iPhones, then pay at a self-checkout counter – a move that could trim checkout times and slash costs for retailers. Read the Reuters article >

Real or Fakery? This video might show the new iPhone.

Gamers geek: Frustrated by lack of development in the hardware arena, Valve announces hardware development play. Read the article on IGN >

Digital Creative, Content & Relevancy
, the Japanese cat who’s famous on YouTube for jumping in and out of boxes, puts his talents to work as the star of a new campaign for Uniqlo.

Digital Analytics (Social)
has stepped up its security on brand pages, working to remove fraudulent Likes caused by spambots, malware or fake account users. Read the article on Mashable >Allstate Mayhem used in addressable tv spots

Digital Media & Sales
Addressable TV ads might finally be ready for prime time. Allstate uses Dish and DirecTV for highly targeted ads. Read the AdAge article >

Oh, Nothin’, Just Google’s Gundotra with Glass

Had the opportunity to share dinner and killer convo with Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra – the man behind Google+ and Google Glass, amongst other innovations.


Faking It, Twitter Style: Fake Followers, Fans & Video Views for Digital Marketers

If you wonder how brands, politicians, celebrities or online personalities gather millions of followers on Twitter or other social sites, check out this handy infographic (below) from Mashable’s Kate Freeman.

Twitter giants often purchase fake followers to artificially inflate their numbers. Around 30% of their followers are fake, while an additional 40% are inactive accounts.

Lady GagaThink of it this way: Twitter’s top tweeter, Lady Gaga, has 28.8 million followers, but roughly 8 million are actually active or legit.

In her article, Freeman suggests Fakers, a new tool that exposes your fake followers, has pushed this issue into the spotlight.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It
Why does this matter to a digital marketer? When it comes to buying follows, likes, fans or video views, it’s important to understand your ultimate objective. Is it simply growth, engagement, momentum? A couple tips:

First, don’t be a sucker for cold call e-mails or agency pitches that offer to boost your Twitter followers or Facebook fans overnight. While the allure of a million-person fan base might seem hard to resist, what you truly want – a genuine connection with people in their online lives – typically happens more organically, over time. It’s largely pointless to boast big numbers if you can’t follow through with true brand engagement. Instead, develop a digital content curriculum and stick with it. In time, you’ll collect a community of dedicated fans and enthusiasts, less likely to become inactive.

Secondly, artificial growth can work to build social momentum. By activating a powerful psychological principle online, the social proof, when a certain threshold of fans/follows/views is reached: Prospective fans follow the herd. The real fans you gain as a result of the volume of paid or fake followers can help you convince some lost lambs that your brand, product or service is worth a follow or consideration. Essentially “If someone or a brand has this many people interested, then, perhaps, I’m interested too…”

Wonder how some brands gain millions of YouTube Views overnight? Bingo. The true challenge then becomes how you actively engage and respond to the real fans with relevant content and messages.

At least there may be hope for humanity, as I now can call to question Twilight’s fan base. Read Twilight Vampires Suck their Way to 1 Million Twitter Followers >

The Appearance of Social Media

P.S. Kate. Love your not-so-subtle use of Reddit rage comics.

Travel, Site Updates & Incoming Interviews

Please Pack Your Knives and Go
Alas, business travel has taken its toll upon my recently rebooted blog. It was inevitable, I suppose. All-day meetings, working lunches and team dinners put a damper on my blogging activities. But, honestly? I needed a little breather.

I spent much of last week in New York City, holding meetings with General Motors’ relatively new global media agency, Carat, and Amazon.

Top Chef's Stephen AsprinioHighlight of the trip? Holding a conversational hostage, Stephen Asprinio, the chef-sommelier-restaurateur from Top Chef Seasons OneEight (All-Stars), for approximately three hours in a quiet Chelsea bar. I suspect his ears were bleeding by the end, but we did exchange contact information for future discussions about our hipstah glasses.

This week, it’s San Francisco for an automotive conference, thus my updates may be infrequent.

Site Updates. What does it mean? It’s So Bright, So Vivid

All-New Site Banner

It feels like ages since I’ve mucked around in Photoshop to create anything other than PowahPoint slide backgrounds. This past weekend, I spent a bit of time designing an all-new site banner to represent elements of digiculture often featured on this blog. new header

Featuring: FourSquare, Emma (my dog), Instagram, Google, Murloc, Macbook Air, Hampsterdance, Angry Birds, Chrome, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Double Rainbow, Keyboard Cat, Android, Nyan Cat, Reddit Alien, Link, FireFox, Apple, Yahoo!

New “About this Blog” Page
So, why does this blog exist? Who’s it for? What’s my digital philosophy? What’s all this about digital Kung fu? These questions and more, answered for your reading pleasure.

Planned Site Updates
In the not-to-distant future, I plan to introduce new site sections, including: Digital Education, Speaking/Contact Information, Career Portfolio and Gallery.

Incoming Interviews. YouTube Celeb, Web Entrepreneurs & Deviant Artist

Brittani Louise Taylor
Brittani Louise Taylor

With more than 800,000 subscribers and 141 million video views, this bubbly YouTube celebrity dishes to yours truly on her childhood, fan gifts and working with advertisers to develop social content.

MG BuehrlenMG Buehrlen
Young adult author and Web entrepreneur, who owns and operates Young Adults Books Central, gives her spin on digital & social advertising, her love of potato spuds, cockapoos, writing and online communities.

Matt CraneMatt Crane
The deviant artist and graphic designer who digitally stood his ground in a minor legal skirmish with video game giant Capcom. Part II of Sesame Street Fighter Series.
Read Part I >