Crouching Panda, Hidden Jon

World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria ExpansionYou may have noticed… Or not. I’ve taken a mini hiatus from updating my blog, largely due to rather crazy work schedule, a much needed vacation (to Hawaii) and the launch of World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria expansion. Yesh, my friends, I’ve been playing a Kung Fu Panda whom I’ve named Rangoon.

I still have a few new posts and interviews in the works you won’t want to miss. Plan for regularly scheduled programming in the upcoming few weeks.

Tonight: The Evolution of Data

Haven’t had the opportunity to post many updates lately, but have a few posts in the works: YouTube celeb Brittani Louise Taylor’s interview about working with marketers, an analysis of why I’m lovin’ McDonald’s latest “social” campaign, digital Easter eggs and more.

Tonight, I’m speaking as a panelist at 313Digital’s Evolution of Data event in Ferndale, Mich. on Big Data. Check out the snazzy promo.

313Digital Evolution of Data Speaker Jon Beebe

Travel, Site Updates & Incoming Interviews

Please Pack Your Knives and Go
Alas, business travel has taken its toll upon my recently rebooted blog. It was inevitable, I suppose. All-day meetings, working lunches and team dinners put a damper on my blogging activities. But, honestly? I needed a little breather.

I spent much of last week in New York City, holding meetings with General Motors’ relatively new global media agency, Carat, and Amazon.

Top Chef's Stephen AsprinioHighlight of the trip? Holding a conversational hostage, Stephen Asprinio, the chef-sommelier-restaurateur from Top Chef Seasons OneEight (All-Stars), for approximately three hours in a quiet Chelsea bar. I suspect his ears were bleeding by the end, but we did exchange contact information for future discussions about our hipstah glasses.

This week, it’s San Francisco for an automotive conference, thus my updates may be infrequent.

Site Updates. What does it mean? It’s So Bright, So Vivid

All-New Site Banner

It feels like ages since I’ve mucked around in Photoshop to create anything other than PowahPoint slide backgrounds. This past weekend, I spent a bit of time designing an all-new site banner to represent elements of digiculture often featured on this blog. new header

Featuring: FourSquare, Emma (my dog), Instagram, Google, Murloc, Macbook Air, Hampsterdance, Angry Birds, Chrome, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Double Rainbow, Keyboard Cat, Android, Nyan Cat, Reddit Alien, Link, FireFox, Apple, Yahoo!

New “About this Blog” Page
So, why does this blog exist? Who’s it for? What’s my digital philosophy? What’s all this about digital Kung fu? These questions and more, answered for your reading pleasure.

Planned Site Updates
In the not-to-distant future, I plan to introduce new site sections, including: Digital Education, Speaking/Contact Information, Career Portfolio and Gallery.

Incoming Interviews. YouTube Celeb, Web Entrepreneurs & Deviant Artist

Brittani Louise Taylor
Brittani Louise Taylor

With more than 800,000 subscribers and 141 million video views, this bubbly YouTube celebrity dishes to yours truly on her childhood, fan gifts and working with advertisers to develop social content.

MG BuehrlenMG Buehrlen
Young adult author and Web entrepreneur, who owns and operates Young Adults Books Central, gives her spin on digital & social advertising, her love of potato spuds, cockapoos, writing and online communities.

Matt CraneMatt Crane
The deviant artist and graphic designer who digitally stood his ground in a minor legal skirmish with video game giant Capcom. Part II of Sesame Street Fighter Series.
Read Part I >

Finally getting my act together

My sexah Twitter iconAfter innumerable false starts, I’m at it again.

A few friends suggested I start a digital marketing blog (or something like it) where I can explore and demystify the digital landscape – from emerging technologies & platforms to creative advertising & media tactics, digipop culture to performance measurement. The good, bad and ugly. Sometimes very ugly.

In the future, I’ll recruit a few of my industry friends to make guest posts. Also, I’ll add a few educational pieces to help those interested in learning the ways of the force.

To mark the occasion, I dug up a few pics of some of the first incarnations of my personal blogs (2001, 2002, 2004). Pretty pathetic. I was rather obsessed with Flash.

My favorite remains the entirely flash-based custom Alice in Wonderland theme, with images likely stolen from Getty. I remember spending an inordinate amount of time animating wisps of light to dance around the fairies and transparent smoke plumes from the caterpillar’s hooka. Check them out below:

One of my first blogs One of my first blogs My First Blog

P.S. Yes, I know I’m using a free WordPress template. To be honest, I haven’t coded since 2007, thus my skills are quite diminished. I’ll monkey with the template over time, though it certainly gives me more empathy for the good folk at MRM Worldwide who take care of GM’s global Web platform.