Chevy Game Time App Wins Creative Media Award

MediaPost - Creative Media Awards LogoGoodby Silverstein & Partners, Detroit Labs and Chevy received MediaPost’s Creative Media Award for New / Emerging / Experimental Media (excluding online), recognizing the team’s work on the Game Time App for Super Bowl XLVI.

A 24 hour white-boarding session can go a long way, my friends.

Edit: I was just informed the App also won “Best in Show.”

Crouching Panda, Hidden Jon

World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria ExpansionYou may have noticed… Or not. I’ve taken a mini hiatus from updating my blog, largely due to rather crazy work schedule, a much needed vacation (to Hawaii) and the launch of World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria expansion. Yesh, my friends, I’ve been playing a Kung Fu Panda whom I’ve named Rangoon.

I still have a few new posts and interviews in the works you won’t want to miss. Plan for regularly scheduled programming in the upcoming few weeks.

Bizarre Political Campaign Attacks “Santiaga,” Orc Rogue & Candidate for Maine State Senate

Note: The views expressed on this blog are my own, and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, its management, shareholders or employees.

In the thick of an election season, I usually hunker down in my office to avoid exposure to political ads of any sort… When, suddenly, this gem crossed my screen on Wow Insider.

Political Attack Mailer Against Colleen Lachowicz

As a former mage, and current hunter, I’ve never been a fan of the proverbial stunlock. At least she’s not combat spec with dual maces… Just sayin’.

That’s right. Maine State Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz’s online persona in World of Warcraft is being used in a bizarre attack campaign to convince voters they need “a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.”

Her critics have dug through online forums, screenshots and social media to surface quotes and comments, many out of context, to use against her. Visit the campaign site > For example, would you vote for a candidate who has re-speced heavily into assassination?!?

Colleen Lachowicz WoW Assassin

+Agil bonus for purple mohawk.

Politics aside, yes, one’s online actions are always “on the record,” but… This? At least she’s not a facerolling Death Knight. Pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. Read the article on Wow Insider >

Rope Swing Fail of the Century, the New Atlanta Grape Lady?

You remember the oldie, but goodie Atlanta Grape Lady who bellows like a beaten seal after a grape-stomping spill on a live newscast, right?

I was rather surprised this morning when I glanced at the view count: roughly 2.7 million banked in 8 years. Impressive, yesh? Perhaps.

The Digital Timeline is Speeding Up
But, In a post-Bieber and Rebecca Black world, 2.7 million views can happen overnight. Paid for with video-seeding media spends, or organically through the Underbelly, “viral” videos rack up impressive view counts more quickly nowadays than in the past… This makes it significantly easier, and more important than ever, to be able to identify and understand paid vs. natural view counts.

Here’s an organic gem I found on, likely to invade news feeds and tweet streams near you: Rope Swing Fail of the Century.

Posted to YouTube yesterday, and currently view-capped at 303 views, I expect it to rise fairly quickly.

P.S. Notice how similar the poor chap and the grape lady sound after their respective falls? Ouch, but… Classic.

eBay At Its Finest: Mummified Cat Slam Dunking a Mummified Bird

The Internets: Where you can do, say, be or sell anything you want.

Mummified Cat Slam Dunking Mummified BirdSadly, someone snatched up this bargain before I could link to the eBay listing. How is this relevant to digital marketers? When in doubt, use cats.

Tonight: The Evolution of Data

Haven’t had the opportunity to post many updates lately, but have a few posts in the works: YouTube celeb Brittani Louise Taylor’s interview about working with marketers, an analysis of why I’m lovin’ McDonald’s latest “social” campaign, digital Easter eggs and more.

Tonight, I’m speaking as a panelist at 313Digital’s Evolution of Data event in Ferndale, Mich. on Big Data. Check out the snazzy promo.

313Digital Evolution of Data Speaker Jon Beebe

A Random Girl Steps Up to a Karaoke Machine, Floors Everyone

From the Underbelly

Posted earlier today, currently tracking at 4,573 views. Expect it to hit millions within the week.

Best Reddit comment thus far: “This is like the National Anthem for every diva singer hahahaha.”

But, in all seriousness, friends… Mere mortals should never attempt Whitney.

The Safety Jay: Uncle’s Dance Brightens Your Day.

“Every time we leave from visiting Misty’s family, her brother, Jay, walk us out to our car and performs an entertaining dance to whatever music we have playing in the car. We started recording these dances and have compiled them into dance video to play for our child. Every time she sees this video she can’t help laughing, smiling, and dancing. You can tell she loves her Uncle ‘Jay Jay.'”

From the Underbelly
Currently view-capped on YouTube with 303 views, don’t be surprised when you see Uncle “Jay Jay” on Facebook news feeds in the near future. I rather enjoyed watching the lady gawk in the background. Check out the Reddit discussion >

On a side note, I also won’t be surprised when the RIAA petitions YouTube to pull the video for copyrighted music distribution. Gah.